European Union Absolute Project

Aerial Base Station with Opportunistic Links for Unattended and Temporary Events  ABSOLUTE PROJECT.

The project is made up from a consortium of partners and advisors primarily from Europe, but also worldwide. Bringing together leading firms with expertise in important sectors such as telecommunications, aerostats, public safety and emergency services. This is supplemented by academia from several institutes and universities

The main goal of the ABSOLUTE Project is to design and validate rapidly deployable, flexible and scalable broadband services. These can be used in emergency situations where quick 4G Communications are needed. In the aftermath of an emergency, natural disaster or unexpected event, quick and reliable communications with scalability and re-configurability with security is essential.

Absolute Advantages

  • Easily deployable.

  • Can be used in remote areas.

  • Dependable.

  • Reconfigurable.

  • Used in most weather conditions


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