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Airborne Communications Ltd is a subsidiary of Allsopp Technologies Ltd. Sister companies include Allsopp Helikites Ltd and Long-Range-Robotics Ltd.

Airborne Communications exploits its understanding of the latest digital radios and the lifting capabilities of Helikite aerostats, to offer an array of rapid deployment communication systems and services. These provide massive coverage plus high bandwidth deployable worldwide at short notice to help provide communications for the military or security forces and after emergencies or natural disasters.

Unique Helikite aerostats are a patented aerodynamic combination of a helium balloon and kite. Helikite aerostats overcome the shortfalls of normal tethered balloons, UAV's blimps.

High altitude Helikites lifting radio repeaters provides one of the best rapid-deployment, tactical communications systems in the world.

Contact us for more information: +44 (0) 1425 654 967

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